I am a prize that men can win.
I am a game, no say in rules.
I am to respond with body,
When they call me beautiful.

Tightly I hold the woman’s hand.
Understands the itch of anger,
That crawls beneath our women skin.
She felt the hand of man grip her
To strangle her brief innocence.

She walks beside me our hearts pound
In fear of the inevit’ble.
A look exchanged, we start to run
Our hunter follows close behind.
We turn the lock to escape.

Safety illusions in a room.
Help, call a man damned otherwise.
Our strength unable to support.

No girl of my flesh will walk earth.
I do not want her beaten down.
Yet I know my girl will walk earth.
I pray she does not face this end.

Originally written March 2016.

Published September 2018 with regards to current political climate.

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