Savour & Sip App Copy

Savour & Sip is an app that connects local eateries in Seattle to socially and environmentally conscious consumers as a response to the negative effects of gentrification. It was an idea created within the Social Venture Competition at Seattle Pacific University. My team and I won third place at the competition.

We took the app from brainstorming stages to completion. I was a co-author of the Business Plan that outlines the marketing strategies and financial plan.

Haley Burson, the graphic designer on this project, and I collaborated on a Facebook marketing campaign. We wanted to create something that incorporated all types of eateries that Savour & Sip represents.

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Haley Burson created the logo and the pages for our app. I wrote the words and content.


Savour & Sip is an app that allows users to choose the way they dine out at coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. By highlighting socially and environmentally conscious businesses, Savour & Sip works towards supporting local owners and neighborhoods in Seattle.